Monday, April 19, 2010

My Own Narnia

Do you remember those C.S. Lewis books? The ones where the kids went into the wardrobe and found that amazing other world? I'm pretty sure there's something similar in the closets where I live. I just have to get in there to find out!

There are two closets at home. Mom keeps them both closed off, but she goes into them sometimes. When I hear the door open, I come running, dropping whatever I am doing. It doesn't matter if I'm playing with a mousie, nomming on my kibble or enjoying a sunpuddle. I want to be there when that door is open! Most of the time Mom says, "No, Sebastian. You have to stay out." She'll push me away or turn me around. Sometimes she picks me up and puts me on the bed before she goes back to what she's doing in there. I'm not sure if she doesn't know about the secrets the closets hold, or if she is just too busy to pay attention.

Sometimes, I'm able to get in the closet before Mom notices. That always feels so exciting! I sniff everything that I can and peek into all the crevices. I'll even curl up in the corner and wait for something to happen. Before it does, though, Mom is shooing me out, telling me "closets aren't for kitties." Clearly she is mistaken!

One day, Mom was working back and forth in both closets and she left one of the doors open. This was a prime opportunity for me! I did my usual once-over of the closet before finding my way on top of a cozy shoe cabinet. What a wonderful spot! I just knew that was a place where I could sit quietly and do some deep kitty thinking. Mom found me, but didn't make me move. In fact, she took a picture of me; it's the picture I use for my profile here. I sat there for a while watching Mom work and contemplating what I could write about and if the super-secret closet-world would open up to me.

Unfortunately, it never did. But that doesn't mean it isn't there. I just have to keep trying to get back in there and looking for my own Narnia. One day, she'll open the door and forget about me getting in the closet. I'll have my chance to discover what the closet holds. Any ideas?


  1. he he - I loves closed too. They are the best. I wonder why the peeps always try to keep us out of them. Not fair at all.

  2. It really isn't fair, is it? Maybe they don't want to share the secret world with us.

  3. I think an adventure in a closet would be lots of fun.

  4. My kitty, Topaz, loves the closet, too. There have been a few times when I've accidentally shut her in there!

  5. George-Maybe you and Sanjee can have a closet adventure together!

    Michelle-I don't know what I would think about being shut in the closet. It might me fine for a little bit, but then I might get scared!