Friday, April 30, 2010


I just love sunpuddles!

Unfortunately at my house, they don't come around until later in the afternoon. I have to wait aaaalllll daaaayyy for them to show up! First they arrive in Mom's office. I like to sit in there with her while she works-I'm sure she needs the company. When the sunpuddle appears, I make sure to soak it up!

Later, the sunpuddle makes it to the living room. Sometimes I sit in my chair and enjoy the warmth and other times I lay on the floor. Either way is nice, but it's never there long enough. Pretty soon the sunpuddle goes away and it gets dark. I have to wait until the next day to bask again.


  1. You can tell you really love those sun puddles. So do I. I think we should declare a rule dat every cat must have sunpuddles all day long!!

  2. That's a wonderful idea, Mario! Sunpuddles everywhere for all the kitties in the world!