Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Trip to the V-E-T

Oh, what a bad, bad day it was for me today. I didn't realize what was going to happen to me when I got up this morning, but boy, was it scary!

First of all, I was very hungry this morning. I didn't think much about it last night when I went to bed, but my food bowl was not in its usual spot by my drinking fountain. When Mom and I got up this morning, I was going to have some brekkie, but the kibble was not there. I followed Mom around while she was getting ready, thinking she would surely be headed to the kitchen to fill up my dish very soon. I meowed at her, just in case she forgot, but that didn't work either. She just said to me, "Sorry Seabass. I know you're hungry, but you can't eat yet." She didn't explain any further than that.

Very quickly, Mom was ready for the day. Instead of opening the door to her office and going to work, she went to the living room. I followed her (still thinking I would get something to eat) and she put my collar on me. I never wear my collar while I'm at home, so this was very unusual. Then, she got my carrier and opened it up. I didn't like where this was headed, so I wasn't exactly cooperative when she put it in front of me. I didn't fight too much-I don't want to be a bad kitty-but she knew I didn't want to go in. When I did go in the carrier, Mom zipped it up and said we were going for a ride.

Mom carried me downstairs and out to the SUV. She put me in the back seat and strapped my carrier in with the seat belt. She got in, started the car and pulled out of the carport. She said, "We're going for a drive, but don't worry, you'll be back home this evening. Everything will be okay." At that point all I knew was that I was very hungry. I thought Mom needed a reminder, so I told her about it for most of our trip.

Finally, we got to where we were going. Mom got out, came around to my door and unbuckled my carrier. When she pulled me out of the SUV, I couldn't believe my eyes! We were back at Wayside Waifs, the shelter where I met Mom. She told me again that I would be back home with her later that day, but I was really scared!

We went inside where a nice man took me away from Mom. His name was Dr. Pickett. He was very gentle with me and had a very soothing voice. He said something about "a dental" and some other nice things to Mom. I heard him tell her she could pick me up later and she said she would get me after she was done with her volunteer duties that evening. Then she was gone. He took me to the back where the V-E-T clinic is.

The rest is a blur. I was put in a kennel with my carrier. They gave me something that made me very sleepy. The next thing I knew, I was in the kennel next to my carrier covered with a blanket. I'm not sure how much time had passed. There were strangers all around and I felt dizzy. At one point, Mom appeared. Oh, I was so happy to see her, but I couldn't purr to let her know. She was there with another nice lady I knew from my time as a shelter kitty, my adoption counselor, Sharon. Mom told me she loved me and that we would go home soon. She told me to sleep for a while and she would see me later. Some more time passed. Mom and Sharon came back, this time I was able to focus a little better. They opened up my kennel and both petted me. It was so nice to feel Mom stroking my fur. I felt reassured that it really would be okay. Then they closed the door and left again.

Later on, Mom came back and this time I got to leave with her. We got in the SUV and headed home. When we got back to the apartment, Mom put my carrier on the floor and opened it up. I was so happy to be back in my own place. I stepped out of the carrier and wobbled. I was still woozy. I walked around and sniffed out my favorite spots. It was all still there! I looked for my food bowl, but it wasn't there. Mom saw me looking and told me I couldn't eat yet. I have never been so hungry in my life! Since I couldn't eat, I just laid down in front of the big door and looked outside.

Finally, Mom said I was looking steadier and let me have a few bites of kibble. She told me I could only have a little, but when I was feeling more like myself, she would put the whole bowl back in its spot. She explained to me that I had my teeth cleaned and polished. She said that I had to have my teeth looked after so that they would last for a long time.

After getting some food in my empty tummy, I curled up on Mom's lap. I felt so much better than I did when she first came to see me. I was still not completely normal; I was very sleepy and still was not purring. Being cuddled up with Mom helped though.

As I write this now, things still feel a little fuzzy. The only thing I can really say about my day is, even with a very nice doctor, going to the V-E-T is no fun at all! Be very concerned if your food bowl disappears. It could be a sign that the same thing will happen to you.


  1. I do not like that V-E-T man, last time I went they gave me a big needle and I will not even mention where he put the tempurature stick - how rude! I bet you have a million dollar smile now Seabass. Purrs and nosetaps to you.
    Winston x

  2. Dat sounds very traumatiks. I did go to da V-E-T recently but ma human2 gotted to stay der wif me n I gotted to go home rights away.

    But nao u haz a sparky white smiles!