Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blackie Is VERY Adoptable-Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week

My Wednesday selection for Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week is Blackie. Not only is he a black cat, but he's 8 years old.
Not long ago, Mom had a family come into Wayside Waifs looking to adopt a cat. The lady said "No black cats, they're bad luck." Well, Mom couldn't believe her ears! She let the family look around and one of the cats they looked at was a black kitten. Mom told the lady that black pets have a harder time finding homes because of superstitions. The lady seemed leery, but relented and the family adopted the little black kitten. Maybe if people realized that black pets are many times the last picked in shelters, they would adopt more of them!
If you're in the Kansas City area, come on by Wayside Waifs and take a look at Blackie. Maybe you could #BeTheChange for him. I'm sure he would appreciate it!


  1. Oh what a beautiful kittie. I hope he gets a furever home quick. Have a pawsome day.

  2. Blackie is beautiful! My mom LOVES black cats. We don't understand why they always get overlooked!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Mom's first kitty was all black (escept for a tiny white piece under his chin). She used to get teased a lot because black cats bring bad luck. Boy, stupid people - they are so wrong. Black cats are bootiful and make great pets - just like any other color.