Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lovely Luke

Today I am sending Mom off to Denver to attend Blog Paws 2010 West. She's going out there to learn how to improve my bloggie. I can't wait to see what she learns and how we will change things. I'm hoping to be able to tell more happy stories about kitties at Wayside Waifs that have found their forever homes like I did. This is one of those stories!

Luke is a special kitty who did find his forever home recently. When he first arrived at Wayside, his right eye was kind of messed up. The V-E-Ts at Wayside had to remove it, so now he only has one eye.

When Mom met him he wasn't feeling very good and had a yucky tummy. He seemed so grateful to her to have a lap to cuddle in, rather than laying in his kennel on his towel. Mom sat on the floor and he got right in her lap and napped there for the longest time. Soon, Mom had to go home, but she kept thinking about Luke. She worried about his upset tummy and if the right family would come along to give this one-eyed kitty a good home.

Mom didn't have to worry for long though...she checked in with another volunteer a few days later and learned that Luke had been adopted! This makes me want to purr with joy! There are so many kitties in the shelter and some of them are a little different from other kitties or have special needs. I'm glad there are families out there willing to take in all kinds of kitties, even the one-eyed kitties like Luke!


  1. Hi sebastian ((hugs))!
    I´m so happy for him,he find a forever home:)
    poor baby ;)

  2. What a great story about handsome Luke! I hope your mom has fun at Blog Paws. My Mommeh wishes she could have gone. Maybe next year!

  3. What a great story! So happy for Luke!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Aww poor Luke. We so happy to hear he now has a forever home.

  5. So happy that Luke was adopted! Now I hope he has a wonderful life in a furever home!

    Just found your blog today and am happy to be one of your newest followers!

    Hope you had a great time at Blog Paws!

    Cat Chat

  6. Thanks for all the comments everyone! I like to post stories with happy endings like Luke's. I hope to do more like it!