Thursday, August 11, 2011

Featured Furry: Jelly Bean and Veronica

Since this week's Featured Furry post is coming so late in the day, I'll try to make up for it by doing another two-fer! Meet a sweet bonded pair, Jelly Bean and Veronica. They are available for adoption at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.

Jelly Bean, an all black domestic shorthair, is the older sisfur of the pair at 5 years old. She's also the shy one. Jelly Bean has the cutest little squeaky meow! Can you see her right ear? It's kind of wrinkled at the top, but I think that adds to her beauty. *blushing* It's starting to sound like I have a little crush!

Even though she's pretty shy, after she gets to know you, she'll let you pet her a little and can be quite affectionate. It just takes her a little while to get comfortable with you.

Veronica is the younger sisfur at 4 years old. She's a black and white medium-hair cat. She'll need regular brushing to keep her coat in good condition. She has amazing whiskers too-check out those eyebrows!

Veronica is more outgoing than Jelly Bean, but not without checking someone out first. It doesn't take long though, and she's feeling comfortable enough to ask for pets.

Veronica and Jelly Bean have always lived together, so they must go home as a pair. I'm sure there is the perfect forever family out there just waiting to bring two cats home! They would get two very sweet kitties that, in time, would fit right into their life!


  1. What bootiful kitties. I sure hope they can find a forever home together.

  2. Veronica and JellyBean are both adorable! Jellybean will take a little bit longer to warm up, but she will be just fine. Veronica is terrific. Both are BEAUTIFUL! Good luck girls!

  3. Veronica looks like she has "tude, just like me. I hope they both find their furever homes soon.

  4. first time visitor here. nice to meet you sebastian, what a manly macho name that is.

    i hope these two lovely sisfurs get a forever home soon.

    Emma and Buster

  5. Hannah, Harrison and Halley's momAugust 12, 2011 at 6:27 PM

    Odd. Today was really the first day I hung out with these two beauties and Jelly Bean was all over me and Veronica hung back a bit at first. Go figure! Okay, figure of speech, nobody can figure out cats. You just have to love them! Although Veronica was a bit shyer, they both wanted lots of petting. Very friendly and gorgeous girls. Highly recommend them!