Thursday, August 4, 2011

Featured Furry: Mya

This week's Featured Furry is a special lady named Mya. In order to capture all the details about her essence, I've decided to let Mya tell you herself! I sat down with her and asked her some very personal questions, but that's the only way to find her perfect forever home.
Sebastian: Hi Mya. Thanks for talking with me. Explain to me where you're living at the moment and why.

Mya: Although I'm available for adoption through Wayside Waifs, I'm actually in foster right now. I live with Bonnie who works at Wayside. Living at the shelter can be quite stressful, as you probably remember. I was getting pretty cranky with all the noise, other cats and commotion even though all the volunteers and staff tried their best to keep me happy. I just have a very strict set of rules I live by.

Sebastian: You're a very independent lady. Tell me about some of your rules.

Mya:  I have some rules about petting me. I do enjoy petting, but not while I'm grooming myself. I'm taking time to make myself presentable and can't be bothered while I'm going about it. If I'm not busy with that, someone cat pet me, but they must let me sniff their hand first. It doesn't matter if I know you or not, or even if you were just petting me, I still want to be sure that it's okay for you to touch me. Every. Time.

Next, I can be petted or brushed, but slowly and gently. If I feel like having my back rubbed, I'll sit with my back turned to you. If I want you to scratch my ears, I'll tilt my head toward your hand. Those are my favorite things to have done and I will give you a clear signal which I would like. I also give you a clear signal when I would like you to stop. I will politely put my paw on your arm and that is your cue that I have had enough. Keep in mind, I don't want to sit on your lap, so please don't try to pick me up and cuddle me.

Sebastian: How about play time? Do you enjoy toys?

Mya: I have play sessions three times a day with Bonnie. I rather enjoy wand toys, my favorite is the Cat Dancer toy. Sometimes I don't feel like playing right away, but with a bit of positive encouragement, I get right into the game! I also like hiding in and running through the agility tunnels that are in the house. Every now and then, I like the things in my room to be changed around. If Bonnie goes a week or so without moving things, I meow at her to let her know it's time for a change!

Sebastian: You sound like a fun girl! What do you like to eat?

Mya: I have simple tastes, really. As long as you keep a bowl of fresh water and a bowl filled with kibble around at all times, I'll be satisfied. Bonnie gives me a bit of canned food in the mornings for breakfast which I have come to expect and let her know if she's late in getting it to me.
Sebastian: Tell me what you're looking for in a forever home.

Mya: I need patient, experienced cat owners. It must be a calm and quiet home without children, dogs or other cats. I need owners who will understand that I need my space sometimes and will pay attention to my ways of communication and respect my desires. I am well behaved, use my litter box properly and make a good companion. I'm front declawed so I won't scratch up doors or furniture, although I do enjoy rubbing my paws on carpets.

Sebastian: So what happens if someone wants to adopt you?

Mya: I'll be living with my foster mom until I'm adopted so if someone thinks they would be a good match for me, they would need to call the adoptions department at Wayside Waifs at 816-761-8151 to set up an appointment to come to Bonnie's house to meet me. They would fill out some paperwork and if everything worked out they would come back to pick me up here. I'm up to date on all of my shots, so a trip to Wayside isn't necessary. Oh, I even come with my own bed. I've gotten quite accustomed to it so it will go to my new forever home with me.

Sebastian: Thanks for taking the time to tell me about yourself, Mya! You're quite a gal!

Check out Mya's YouTube video to see her in action:

Want more piccies of this beautiful girl? Check out her album here. I hope Mya finds her forever home soon. Even if she's not the right cat for you, all of us who have gotten to know her hope you'll spread the word about her!

Big thanks to Mya for answering all my questions, Bonnie Still for fostering Mya and providing the piccies of her, and to Lisa Richman, Wayside volunteer, for providing the video.


  1. You are a cutie Mya. You remind me of my sisfur's cat - she has rules too, and if you abide by her rules, everything is fine. If not, you pay the price.

  2. Mya wants to thank the handsome Sebastian for the wonderful interview. He is such a gentleman! Keeping paws crossed that Mya finds her purrfect forever home soon!

  3. Mya sounds a lot like myself. When the peeps got me, I'd attack them if they tried to pet me while I groomed. I do have front claws and they do damage. I hope she finds a good home. Someone who'll love and nurture her as my peeps have done with me.