Friday, August 12, 2011

Gifts for the Wayside Kitties

Mom took a couple pretty cool toys to Wayside Waifs this week for the kitties to share. Check out this Activity Mat by PurrPet!

It folds up and has handles so it's easy to take along somewhere. Great for travel or for just moving from room to room.

Mom took the first one into the sunroom, opened it up and put it out.

It has a scratcher, a reflective surface, two dangling toys (one rattles!), a bell, and ears that crinkle. She had a few different cats try it out.

First, Frisky gave it a go. She seemed to like the scratching surface.

Next Harley and Leo in the storefront got to check it out.

Leo seemed to really enjoy the reflective surface!

Even when Mom left the room, Leo was still sitting on the activity mat!

Mom and I want to send a BIG thank you to Steven Spitz aka @VeganPetman on Twitter. He donates $1 to his shelter fund for every follower he gets. Mom was his 700th follower and he generously gave her a $25 gift card to his store, Big Apple Pet Supply (@BigApplePet). I told Mom not to spend it on me, but to get something for the Wayside kitties instead. I suggested mice but changed my mind when I saw the Activity Mats!

When Mom called to place the order, Steven himself helped her! Now THAT'S customer service. When he heard she was donating the items, he comped the shipping too! He's such a nice guy and he's doing great work. I think everybody should follow him!

Thanks again, Steven, from me, Mom, and the Wayside kitties. Their lives are a little better now while they wait for their forever homes!

Although I received these neat toys at no cost, the opinions here are my own (along with Frisky, Leo and Harley).


  1. that was a furry cool toy to bring those kitties.

  2. What a cool toy to bring to the kitties!

  3. that toy is adorable! I love how it folds into it's own carrying case!

    It reminds me of those activity mats that babies have.

    That was so sweet of you to purchase one for the Wayside Waifs, I bet they love it!