Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Readpawty Review: "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards" by Lilian Jackson Braun

There was only one book to read for the upcoming #readpawty and it was "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards", the first book in the series by Lilian Jackson Braun who recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. First published in 1966, this book started a series of 29 books featuring newspaper reporter Jim Qwilleran and his Siamese cat Koko.

In this first book, Koko the Siamese cat (who is very sophisticated and can read newspaper headlines backwards) does not actually live with Qwilleran, but lives upstairs with his landlord and art critic at the Daily Fluxion, George Bonifield Mountclemens. Qwilleran also works at the Daily Fluxion but he is in the Features Department, writing feel-good pieces on the artists that Mountclemens has offended with his harsh criticisms.

Qwilleran is used to writing more serious articles, at one time working as a police reporter. When a local art gallery is the scene for a brutal murder, Qwilleran's old instincts kick in and he begins to ask questions, trying to figure out who might have committed the crime. When two more deaths occur, Qwilleran develops new theories and is even assisted by Koko, who leads him to clues.
You know what the best part of this book was? The fact that Koko was treated exactly the way all cats should be treated. He is given the finest foods and is highly respected. In return, he helps to solve a crime!

"The Cat Who Could Read Backwards" is a fun mystery that I would recommend to fans of cozy mysteries and to cat lovers. We have another book in this series, but I think I might read them all in order instead of just reading the one we have.


  1. I've read a lot of cat books of all kinds for my review section, but I have yet to read any of Lilian Jackson Braun's series - I really should get around to them!

  2. I have the book, just haven't started it yet. I'd better get moving.

  3. @Sparkle: I'll have to check out the books you have reviewed, maybe I'll get some ideas on what to read next!

    @Mario: You'll be okay, it's a quick read. See you at #readpawty!