Thursday, May 23, 2013

Featured Furry: Izzy

This week's featured furry is a beauty who needs an experienced owner. Izzy is currently in foster with a volunteer and has been living there for 4 months. It's time this girl got her forever home!

Izzy has some very specific needs. First, she needs to be in an adult-only home. She also needs to be the only pet because she isn't comfortable around other animals.

Izzy is front declawed, which has caused some sensitivity in her paws. She does not like her feet touched and does not hesitate to remind you of that fact. As is common with declawed kitties, she can be nippy if you don't know how to read her signals. That is why it is important for Izzy's new family to be very understanding and patient with her.

Izzy is a full-figured gal and has been on a diet in her foster home. She was once a stray and probably had to hunt for her food. Now, she will overeat as a result of being underfed at one time in her life. Her family will have to make sure they measure her food and not give her too many treats. She will also need exercise, which is easiest to provide in the form of play. She loves the Cat Dancer toy and likes to push around bottle caps! She will also follow her human around the house, so that would be good exercise for her as well.

She will need to have her ears cleaned regularly and is fastidious about her litter box-it must be kept clean for this gal!

Izzy is quite affectionate and will give kisses. She enjoys sitting on laps and being petted. She is a beauty and will bring someone a lifetime of love.

Check out the video her foster mom made. If you think you're right for Izzy, please consider adopting her from Wayside Waifs!


  1. Izzy sounds like a very nice kitty who has had some hard knocks. I hope she finds a home soon!

  2. Great post! Thank you for helping Izzy!

  3. beautiful post! Many purrs that Izzy finds a home right quick