Friday, May 24, 2013

Introducing Odilia and a Chance to Support her Shelter

Mama met a very special kitty at BlogPaws. Her name is Odilia and she is one of a kind. Mama fell in love with her instantly.

Photo by Lisa Richman.
Odilia was born without eyes. She's just a tiny little thing, but is as lively as any other kitten. She was a huge hit at BlogPaws and worked the room like the little star she is.

The pawpawrazzi angling for the purrfect shot.
Her foster mom, Connie from Tails from the Foster Kittens, brought her all the way from Maine. You can read Odilia's story on her blog.

Flat me and Odilia.

Everybody fawned over Odilia, but Bernadette from The Creative Cat showed her appreciation of the precious kitty in a different way. She sketched her at the lunch table!

Bernadette at work.

Odilia coming to life on the paper.
When she was done, Bernadette said she wanted to auction the sketch and donate the proceeds to Odilia's shelter, The Animal Welfare Society. Isn't that pawsome of her?

If you want to bid on the sketch and have Odilia on your wall, check out Bernadette's blog where you can bid in the comments.

Big thanks and pawhugs to Connie for caring for this amazing kitten and to Bernadette for sharing her creativity to benefit the shelter in Odilia's name.


  1. Not only was it cool to meet Odilia but it was so amazing to see such generosity - and to watch a talented artist at work!

  2. I think Odilia brought out the best in a lot of cat bloggers' humans!

  3. Thanks so much Amy! It's your shoulder that's under Odilia's paws! she was such an inspiration. We're up to $40 in bids, let's hope we get more!

  4. Thank you for continuing to promote this.. I too am hoping we get a couple more bids :)