Friday, May 17, 2013

Memories of Rosie

Recently, Grandma and Grandpa moved in with Mom and Dad. They sold their house in Wichita, and while it was a good thing, it was a little sad too.

Mama lived in that house for 20 years. That is where she met her kitty Rosie. She was sad when she had to leave him there while she moved to Kansas City, but always looked forward to visiting him.

Rosie went over the Rainbow Bridge about 3 years ago, but Mama still had memories of him at Gma and Gpa's house.

Once, when Dad poured concrete to widen the driveway, Rosie left his impression.

Click to biggify.

Dad didn't get mad, instead he added Rosie's name. Mama wanted Dad to cut it out so she could take it with her, but Dad said no. He did help her get some pictures of it though!

Mama slept in her old bedroom the night before the big move. She noticed something on the door while she was sitting on the floor.

There was a spot worn off. It's where Rosie would "knock" on the door when he wanted out in the middle of the night. It made Mama smile to remember that.

There were a lot of memories in that house, but there are many more to be made in the new one. It's nice to look back and remember the good times and good cats.


  1. My human has lots of good memories of the house where she lived with the cat before me. It was up in the Silverlake hills and they both loved it there.

  2. Those memories are priceless. Pets leave a forever mark on our hearts and nothing can take that away. Good for your grandparent's to look ahead for more, new great memories.