Monday, May 20, 2013

Thundershirt Season

Mama got home from BlogPaws yesterday just before the storms passed through.

Poor Yaz was already upset by the time she got home. He knew what was coming and he was panting and trying to chew through the fence to run away.

Mama brought him in and put his Thundershirt on him.

After spending some time inside with it on he calmed down. He even laid down next to Dad in bed and fell asleep. Mama felt better when he relaxed, but she knew her job wasn't done.

Mama's swag bag was filled with dog stuff (hey! where were all the cat goodies?) so she used it to make Yaz a pet emergency kit. Then she took all of our kits to the basement in case the storm got bad.

Luckily, we didn't have to take cover, but our friends and family in Oklahoma did. Things got bad down there and we're praying for everyone in the storms' path the last couple of days.

If you don't already have a pet emergency kit PLEASE make one. You never know when you'll need it. You can find tips in a previous post on what you should put in one.

Check back with me soon as I post about all of Mama's excitement at this year's BlogPaws!


  1. It is awful, what has happened in Oklahoma...

  2. We're glad the storms weren't too bad for you. We are purring for those affected by the tornado in OK.

  3. As awful as it's been here in OK, the outpouring of supplies and help has been amazing. It's great to see. Did I meet you at Blog Paws? I was with the chicks.

  4. I too am glad the worst of the storms passed you buy. Such a good idea to use the blogpaws stuff for an e-kit!!