Friday, June 10, 2011

The Truth is Revealed About Lily

There is a dog at Wayside Waifs who has created quite a stir. Her name is Lily and she's bald, er, hairless. When she was brought in, they said that she was a Kerry Blue Terrier and that she had come from a Kerry Blue Terrier breeder. Mom took one look at her and said "No way! That's a Mexican Hairless Dog!", or a Xoloitzcuintle, Xolo (prononounced sho-lo) for short. Mom wasn't the only one who thought the breed information was wrong. Lots of staff and volunteers were debating this. Mom couldn't find any information on hairless Kerry Blues and her research on Xolos showed dogs that looked just like Lily. Finally, a volunteer decided the only way to settle the discussion was to have a DNA test performed, so she covered the costs and the test was done.

Mom couldn't wait for the results. She knew that she was going to be right and that they would have to change the breed on Lily's information card. Every week she would ask the volunteer manager, AnnMarie, if the results had come back. This week, they were in. AnnMarie took Mom to Lily's kennel to show her the actual information sheet that came back with the DNA test. Mom couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the results. Lily was a...


Not only were Lily's parents Kerry Blue Terrier, but so were her grandparents and great-grandparents! Mom was stunned!

So, Mom was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Also, she was incorrect. But that's beside the point. The main thing is that now there is no denying Lily's lineage and the debate is over. Lily even dictated a list of reasons why someone should adopt her:

Ten Reasons to Take Me Home
by Lily
1. Nostalgia-- I look like an adorable Jim Henson creature, like one of the goblins from Labyrinth. Don't I remind you of your childhood?

2. Pragmatism-- who wants to clean up dog hair off the furniture? Adopt me, and you won't have to!

3. Frugality-- you won't have to get me groomed, and I don't need any fancy shampoos or brushes.

4. Tan lines-- I have them! Have you ever seen a dog with tan lines before? I didn't think so.

5. Fashion sense-- not all dogs like to be dressed up, but me, I'm a total clothes hound. We can even wear matching outfits if you want to. Won't that be fun?

6. Snuggling-- pet me and you'll see how warm I feel. Can't you just imagine cuddling me on a cold winter day? My skin is soft and smooth, too.

7. Distinction-- walk with me, and you'll be sure to stand out in a crowd! Everyone will want to know more about me. Imagine all the friends you'll make!

8. Trolling-- you can tell people you've captured the elusive chupacabra, and I'll totally play along. Heck, even if I did spill the beans and admit I'm a pure-bred Kerry Blue Terrier, no one would believe me.

9. Hipness-- having hair is so mainstream! Furry dogs? Yawn! Everybody has one of those.

10. Friendship-- sure, my unique appearance is incredibly awesome, but the best thing about me is my personality. I want to be everyone's best friend! Take me home, and you'll find out just how much love I have to give.

So, if you're in the market for a dog and want something unique, Lily is the girl for you! She comes with a pretty cool story, if you ask me!


  1. That is mind-boggling! Girl would have sided with your mom totally...and been wrong right with her! BOL! Girl keeps clicking on the picture and going, "No...really? Really?! No...But...Really?!" Haha! Regardless of whether Lily's a Xolo or Kerry, she sounds like a sweet dog. (Girl's still squinting & muttering, "No, that can't be right...")

  2. Surprise!! I'm going to have go back through your posts because I don't remember seeing a hairlekss dog. Anyway, I never even heard of that breed.

  3. @Mario-This is the first time I've posted about her. I've been waiting for the resolution to say anything about her. Mom will get her own pics to post next week-if she hasn't been adopted yet! Until then, I just linked to her adoption profile.

  4. Very cute! Before she passed, my Grannie had a hairless dog! I can not remember her name ( this was many years ago) but she had so many sweaters and my Grannie loved that dog!

  5. Oh, yes, whoever adopts Lily will get her entire wardrobe as well! She's quite fashionable.

  6. Lily, do you know how much people pay to get their hair waxed off? You are so vogue, my dear!