Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekly Waif: Jimmy 2 Toes

Hi pals! I'm trying something new with my blog, a weekly feature where I highlight a pet who is available for adoption from Wayside Waifs. I hope this keeps Mom from getting lazy with helping me with my blog!

My first weekly feature is a handsome mancat named Jimmy 2 Toes. He's Mom's new "shelter love" so we need to find him a forever home before she starts getting any thoughts about bringing him here to live with us.

Here are some facts about Jimmy 2 Toes, or J2T as the volunteers refer to him:
  • He is 1 & 1/2 years old.
  • He has been at Wayside before, but was returned after his family discovered the children were allergic to cats.
  • He is front declawed.
  • He gets along with other cats.
  • His adoption fee is $50.
Jimmy got his name because he only has two toes on his back left foot as the result of some kind of accident. It doesn't seem to cause him any pain though and he gets around just fine.

He does seem to be bothered a little by his recent declawing, though. (He was declawed by his adopters.) He sits up on his haunches quite often and this could be his way of taking the pressure off his front feet. The volunteers call it his "prairie dog imitation" and it is kinda cute looking!

J2T is a really cool cat. He enjoys being petted and loves to hang out with you, but he's not crazy about being held. I can't imagine not liking a good cuddle, but that's just me, I guess! He's pretty playful too. Here's a video that Ryker's mom filmed and my mom narrated:

Please spread the word that Jimmy 2 Toes is looking for his forever home, he deserves a loving family.

Video used with permission of LLRichman.



  1. What a handsome cat T2T is! Those peeps who adopted him, amputated his fingers and then brought him back show be shot. They didn't know the kid was allergic before they mutilated him. Grrrr & hiss to them. I hope T2T can find a nice home. BTW, peeps had a cat b4 me who was short a back toe, which had to be amputated after she was rescued. TW wanted her because she didn't think anyone else would adopt her.

  2. Jimmy is so adorable! I just tweeted him and posted him on my Cat Chat With Caren & Cody Facebook page. I also hate when I hear a cat has been adopted, only to be returned because someone is "allergic"...don't they realize the poor cat has FEELINGS??? I can't stand it. Jimmy is absolutely precious, I love his face...I pray he gets adopted soon!

  3. @CK Mom is like that-she's drawn to the animals that she doesn't think others will want.

    @C&C Thanks for posting! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

  4. What a cute guy! I feel so bad that he had such an awful family - mutiliating him and then dumping him because of "allergies." Obviously he wasn't loved very much because it sounds like he was considered more of an inconvenience than anything else. People like that should stick to plush pets, not living, breathing ones.

    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now and just say he totally deserves a REAL home and SOON!

  5. Mom and I totally agree, Sparkle! I hope this is his chance to find his REAL forever family!

  6. Jimmy 2 toes iz rill nice, I hope him finds a furever home soon. Thanks you for stopping by mai bloggy. We used to haz a deck an it wuz fun.

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