Thursday, July 19, 2012

Featured Furry: George

Here we go again. Mom has a new shelter love. His name is George and he's a one-year-old brown tabby. He is also FIV positive, so he's special needs and harder to find a forever home for.

For a refresher on FIV, click over to a great article by Best Friends Animal Society.

Mom fell in love with George when she saw the white stripe down his nose.

He's kind of skinny and looks like he's had a rough go of it, but that doesn't make him any less handsome in Mom's eyes.

George is very sweet and didn't hesitate to get in Mom's lap for a long cuddle session. It was just what she needed since my new Earth brofur, Harvey, isn't a cuddly kitty. She sat with him on her lap for the longest time, both of them content to just sit there.

George is also a talkative kitty and said "Hello" as soon as she walked in his room.

George would make a great pal to have around the house. He'll follow you around, keep you company, and be a top-notch lap cat! He'll need to be the only cat in the home or go to a home with other FIV positive cats. He'll also need to be kept strictly indoors and his health must be a priority.

If you think you're the right match for George, go spend some time with him at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City and see for yourself how wonderful he is!


  1. What a sweet boy. Though from what we understand, he can live with other cats - unless he is a biter. :) Paws crossed you find your forever home soon George!!

    1. Most likely George could live in a home with other cats, but it is Wayside's policy to adopt him into a home as an only kitty or with other FIV+ kitties. But I bet George would be enough kitty to fill up someone's life all by himself!

  2. Yes, he does look like quite a character! We are glad he and Amy got in some serious snuggle time!

  3. What a handsome fellow. I do hope he beats the statistics and finds a good home soon.

  4. George looks adorable - my human would love him too!

  5. We hope that George will find a good home with someone who needs his love and willing to love him back!


  6. George would clearly make someone a great pal.

    We love his white stripe too

    Love and licks, Winnie.

  7. We agree...George is a very handsome kitty!!
    We will purr very hard that he gets a loving home soon :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie