Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Who Are Pet Blog Readers?

In the couple of years since Mom started my blog, she has often wondered what to help me post about. She would love to just focus on me. After all, I'm quite a handsome kitty with the most adorable belly ever! That might get a little boring though. Also, I want to spread the word about shelter kitties since I used to be one myself. I like to encourage people to adopt, volunteer, donate, and otherwise help their local shelters.

Here's the deal. Is that what pet people want to read about? Can I just put that stuff out there and hope someone is looking for that kind of information? If not, do I need to give the people what they want and try to sneak in the stuff I want to say? Luckily, Mom got some answers to my questions at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City recently. (That's why I send her!)

Mom listened to a presentation from Trone Brand Energy by my favorite GREENIES girl, Amanda LeGaux. She shared information gathered in a survey conducted in May 2012 of both pet bloggers and pet owners. Here is some of what that survey revealed:

  • 42% of pet owners spend over 30 minutes each week reading/researching pet related topics
The pet owner doing all that online research is generally:

  • Female
  • Age 40-49
  • Married
  • No children at home
  • Employed at least part-time
  • Has a household income of at least $50k
  • Is tech savvy
This information probably doesn't surprise you too much. In fact, like Mom, you can probably see yourself in many of these stats.

But where is this pet owner looking for information?

  • Books-55%
  • Magazines-42%
  • General News Websites-39%
  • Newspapers-33%

  • Blogs-37%
Okay, we know that pet bloggers are important to pet owners. Now what? Now we need to know how to draw pet owners to our blogs with the information they desire. Look for that information in an upcoming post with more handy info from Trone!

Mom was compensated by Trone to help them spread the word about the information they gathered. Honestly, this was super-good info and Mom is happy to share it for free!


  1. Don't leave us HANGING like that!!!!! MOL!

  2. I keep telling mom we are in pawtant, but we like to make da readers MOL.