Thursday, July 12, 2012

Featured Furry: Gretchen


Gretchen may be special needs, but she is absolutely not challenged! She is a one-year-old oriental shorthair mix available for adoption at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City. If you watch her walk, you'll notice that her head kind of wobbles a little bit. After many tests, the vets figured out that she has limited vision and hearing, they figure that is why her head wobbles like it does.

Gretchen doesn't let that stop her though! Most days you will find her free roaming around the cat adoption area. She loves to explore and socialize. She is quite brave! She can also be very vocal and loves attention.

Because of Gretchen's special needs, she would do best as the only pet in the home. She would do okay with kids, but they would have to be mature enough to understand her situation.

If you are in the market for a special needs kitty, Gretchen would be a perfect addition to your family!


  1. awww - how sweet. we know there is a perfect family out there for her.....

  2. Aww what an adorable little sweetheart. Hopefully the right person will come along to love her.

  3. Gretchen is absolutely PAWEsome!!! She has cataracts in each eye, Mommy sez, and that's why she kinda wobbles back and forth as she runs around. She's trying to see around them! Mommy fell in love but we kindly pointed our own furselves out to her and said "NO" (plus we have very open 2-story home and it'd be dangerous for her).

    Won't someone please give her a loving home? Mommy sez she has TONS of love to give!!!

  4. I was lucky enough to foster this little girl, and she steals hearts within half a second!! She is quirky and oh so loveable.

  5. Gretchen, you are a real sweetie! It's so sad those those lovely big eyes of you don't work a little better, but hey, there are kitties who have no eyes at all and get around just fine (like Homer).

    I hope you find your loving furever home very soon, and that they spoil you silly!

  6. Special needs cats are special! We have a blind cat and a one-eyed cat and they're amazing.