Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whaddya Mean You Don't Like Salmon??

Pals, I haven't wanted to say anything cuz I'm giving little Harvey time to settle in and I don't want to hurt Mom's feelings or anything, but that cat is WEIRD.

He doesn't eat treats.

Nothing. Not crunchy treats, not soft ones, not even my all time fave, dried salmon. There is something seriously wrong with that feline.

Mom has offered him several different treats, but all he wants is his kibble. She will put a few treats by his bowl and they will sit there for days. He might eat one, he might not. Mom has to throw them away if he ignores them long enough.

Do you see that? That's a piece of salmon in his dish.
He doesn't even want to eat people food. Just kibble. And boy does he scarf that stuff down! I hope Mom doesn't think it's her fault, he's clearly defective. I guess not all kitties can be as smart as me though.

He's completely ignoring the salmon. I would have gobbled it up and begged for more!

I gotta run. I hear there's some salmon in tonight's OTRB buffet.


  1. geez - some cats just don't know the good stuff when they smell it (hope the buffet was good)

  2. It may just be that he's never had anything other than kibble. You could try giving him a small spoonful of canned food or baby food.

  3. This is getting to be an epidemic! Yesterday Spitty said he won't eat treats and now Harvey. Well, send those treats MY way. I know what to do with them. *urp*

  4. Yep, we're wif CK! We knows what to do wif those treats! But Princeton really didn't care fur treats at first eithers. He does now!

  5. Actually I prefer my kibble over anything else too, but I will eat a treat if offered. I'm not particularly fond of wet food either, although M makes sure I get fed some twice a day and I don't get kibble until I've cleaned my plate. But I never had any really good food before I came to live here. Then if Harvey lived on the streets at all, he probably htinks kibble is a treat because he probably lived on people scraps.

  6. That IS weird, but I bet I know why: he is probably used to kibble the same way some people are addicted to McDonald's. So his brain and tastebuds only get the kibble and not much else. Poor boy just doesn't know what he is missing!

  7. Bailey is exactly the same way!!! Tatiana will eat potato chips, toast, strawberry milk, and any regular cats treats. But, Bailey, who WAILS for her mealtime, does not eat treats. She just wants her kibble. We got her when she was 6 months old and I was told it's considered "shelter cat mentality" - they gotta eat it or someone else will get it. She eats fast too, but we figured out how to stop that. Try canned Makerel with Harvey, or canned chicken. The stinkier the better. Bailey will eat those!

  8. Maxwell: Dude. NONE of us eat treats either. Hrm....

  9. It's okay Harvey, I didn't use to eat treats either. Mom started mixing them in with my kibble. Now I know what treats are and I scarf them down when provided. I still don't like Seb's favorite treat salmon though. I guess I am weird but Im a legend so that's okay! :)

    1. OMC I can no believe all dis I am hearin bout kitties not likin dried salmon noms. So sad.

      But more for me!


    Dat Harvey won't eated ma all time favorite treat in all da werld?

    Wot iz wrong wif u man?!?

    *shakes hed*