Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday: So Much Love Surrounds Me

Usually I dedicate my Thursday posts to promoting a homeless pet, but this week is different. This week my Thursday post is all about gratitude.

Things were very hard for Mom & Dad when I made my journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Their grief was overwhelming for a while. It turns out, Mom & Dad weren't the only ones who thought I was special.

First, some of the other volunteers paid for my cremation at Wayside Waifs. Mom & Dad had to give up their anniversary trip & open an account with Care Credit to pay for my V-E-T bills, so this was very helpful. It was one less thing for them to worry about and eased the financial burden.

Then, Mom got a phone call from Barb at Wayside. She was calling to let her know that another pawsome volunteer, Michelle Cour, had donated something special to the shelter in my name.

It was a cat exercise wheel! How cool is that?! Not only was it donated in my name, but they added a plaque to let everyone know.

Mom loves the idea that my name will live on at Wayside Waifs where we first met. Not to mention how many kitties will get to run on the wheel!

Mom also got a letter in mail letting her know that an anonymous donor made a contribution to Wayside Waifs in Sebastian's name. She has no idea who did it, but it made her smile.

I've gotten so many nice tweets, Facebook messages, and cards that let me know people really loved me, even when they didn't know me in person.

Mom always felt a special bond with me and left me with a special message whispered in my ear during my last moments on Earth to let me know she felt it. All of the lovely messages and acts of kindness reaffirms for Mom what she believed: there was something special about me, something that couldn't quite be explained. Maybe I was an old soul, maybe I could feel others' emotions or maybe I could express love better with my eyes than some can with words. All I know for sure is that other people get it and that makes Mom extremely happy.

And I'm thankful for every happy moment Mom has.


  1. How wonderful that the love that surrounded you crystallized into these giving gestures! Purrs to your human today, Sebastian.

  2. *HUGS & PURRS* u wuz a beary special kitteh n I knows u watchin ovah all us from dat rainbow bridge.

    I so glad utter people knows just how special u wuz!

  3. It's wonderful your mom and dad have had such nice things happen. Losing you was hard and they need to know others care. Purrs and pawhugs.

  4. Aren't animal people PAWESOME?!?! This made mommy sniffle.