Thursday, September 29, 2011

Featured Furry: Bandit

Mom has been telling me about Bandit, a six year old male cat available for adoption from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City. She says he's a very nice boy, but people just don't know about him because he's not in the Cat Adoption area at Wayside.

He's not hidden away because he's been bad or anything-he's quite loving and playful actually! It's just that, well, Bandit likes to think of himself as the only cat. In the world. Ever.

Bandit definitely needs to be a single cat in his new forever home. But with him, one cat is all you need! He'll be happy to snuggle with you or sit on your lap. He'll follow you around the house and keep you company. When you're ready for a good game of "Kitty Fishing" just bring out the wand toy and he'll be ready to chase it!

If you're interested in meeting Bandit, just tell one of the nice people at Wayside that you want to meet him and that he's in the CAT room. Oh, and tell them Sebastian sent you!


  1. I think two out of the three of us cats here wish we were the only kitty here. Considering that it ain't gonna happen here, Bandit it one lucky cat!

  2. I'm glad I'm an only cat. Hope Bandit finds his furever home.

  3. What a cutie too. Hope he finds a forever home real fast.

  4. Wow. Our cat, Skeeter, looks just like Bandit and sounds just like him, too! (And Skeeter is an "only cat" because that's the way she wants it. We've tried and failed at adding feline siblings.) I hope Bandit finds a forever home SOON.

  5. Bandit is a STUNNER!! His coloring is just striking. Off to "share" him right now!