Thursday, September 1, 2011

Featured Furry: October

This week's featured furry is a sad little kitty named October. She is a 7 year old, domestic shorthair, dilute tortie. She has the saddest eyes I've ever seen on a kitty cat.

Poor October is sad because her family left her at Wayside Waifs as the result of a divorce. Unfortunately, that's something that people don't plan for and they really should. They work out custody arrangements for children, but pets very often are surrendered to shelters.

October is still in the back at Wayside and isn't on the website yet, but she should be available for adoption very soon. When she is, she will make a great addition to a family. She loves to be petted and really needs the attention.

Please send nice thoughts to October to make her time at Wayside Waifs short so she can move on and mend her broken heart.


  1. i'm purring sohard dat October gets adopted real soon. She's such a cutie, I'm sure a forever home will come along soon.

  2. My heart breaks for this sweet little one...where is Wayside based?

  3. October is a gorgeous dilute Torti. She has similar markings to my Tatiana. October is a very good girl, and I"m sure she will find her forever home quickly!

  4. Mario-Thanks for the purrs!
    Rumbles/Diego-Wayside is in Kansas City, Missouri. Mom has been volunteering there for a year and a half and that's where she met me!

  5. She's adorable. Hope she finds a furever home quickly—just not here. Don't need more competition for my Pop.

  6. As an animal intuitive I could feel how she hates that cold metal cage. She feels hurt and abandoned but not broken. She has the will to adapt to a new home beautifully. Sending healing purrs.

  7. Good luck finding a home. We all 3 came from Wayside and they'll take good care of you until your forever family comes along. 2 of the 3 of us were there more than 6 months, but mom finally found us. Take heart and be patient. H, H and H

  8. CK-You probably don't have to worry about competition. I think the word had spread about you! MOL

    Cat Wisdom-Thanks for the purrs! She can use as many as she can get!

    H, H & H-Glad to meet fellow Waifs! They do take good care of you at Wayside-the volunteers and staff there are pawsome!