Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Adoption Story

This post is my entry into the BlogPaws Blog Carnival Contest sponsored by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

I had been surrendered by my family to a Kansas City area shelter. They said I was an "attention hog". They said I was jealous of the other cats in the house. They said the recent move upset me.

I was lonely and sad living in the hug room at the shelter. The volunteers were very kind to me though. One in particular, named Cat, loved me a lot and was thinking about adopting me. Another volunteer had the same thoughts. That volunteer came back the day after we first met and told me she was taking me home with her! That volunteer is now my Mom. I felt a little bad, because Cat was so nice, but things have worked out beautifully.

See, Mom needed me as much as I needed her. She was living in a new city and was all alone. She didn't have any friends or family nearby. She works from home, so she didn't even have any coworkers to talk to. She was lonely and sad living in her little apartment.

When I moved in, we took away the loneliness for each other. She let me start my Twitter account and my blog. We started meeting people and anipals online. A lot of those online friends have turned into real life friends. Mom lets me know everyday that I am loved and I do the same for her. Life is much brighter for both of us now.

These days, Mom and I blog about adopting pets. It's more than giving a homeless pet a home. Sometimes it can really turn someone's life around. It did for Mom...and for me.


  1. Awww! Who would ever give you up? You're too sweet although your new Mom led you astray as far as baseball teams. I'm glad you adopted her anyway. xoxo

  2. I can't believe someone gave you up. But now you have your mom and it's worked out beautifully for both of you. *hugs*

  3. I can't believe you were given up either. But maybe it was for the best because you found your mom and it was a purrfect fit. There is no way she's going to abandon you.

  4. I keep seeing these stories and they break my heart. I'm just so, so happy that you've found such a perfect home with a wonderful human.

  5. Girl says she'd be given up for being "an attention hog" in a heartbeat BOL What a lame excuse! But you deserved better and if it was kind of a complicated, twisty way of getting out of that lame family, at least everything happened for the best in the end!

  6. I agree pals! It was a rough go but the only regret I have is that I didn't come into Mom's life sooner. Of course, things happen for a reason. Now, I'm not an attention hog, but a Mama's boy instead! MOL

  7. What a great post, Sebastian! And how stupid those humans were who gave you up. I'm so happy to see so many of my friends taking part in this carnival - I am participating too.

  8. OMG "Attention Hog" do you know when I read that first sentence I nearly burst into tears?

    Your post was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt entries I have read. This was written deep from your soul, I hope you are one of the winners.

    So happy for you both

  9. Sparkle-Thanks for stopping by, I read your post too! I never knew you had a fur-sib!

    Caren-Thank you so much for your kind words!