Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuna Juice!

Mom and Dad are going to the zoo today. In order to save money, they take a little picnic with them. Since Mom made tuna salad for the sandwiches, that means that I got the tuna juice!

I don't like most people food (which is probably a good thing since I have such a sensitive tummy) but I do enjoy tuna juice! I don't drink it all in one sitting, instead I drink a little bit then save the rest for later. (I do that with my Greenies treats sometimes too. I like to have a couple left to eat later.)

Having the tuna juice almost makes up for the fact that Mom and Dad are going to leave me by myself for a while today. Almost.


  1. Wanna hear something funny, Seabass? I am not that crazy about tuna juice! Weird, I know.

  2. Hmmm - would you believe I've never had tuna juice? I'm so deprived. Happy Labour Day pal.

  3. Looking at your tuna juice is making me drool. We all love tuna juice around here. I have to share with my fursibs, so there's no saving any for later cause they'll lap it right up! I'd do almost anything for tuna juice!

  4. Mmmmm, that looks yummy! I have never tried tuna juice before, either.

  5. Pumpkin-Can you believe that Mario and Daisy have never tried tuna juice? Or that Sparkle isn't fond of it?

    I didn't finish all of it, so Mom ended up pouring the rest of it down the drain.

  6. Score another vote for not liking tuna juice. I don't drink ANYTHING and know that TW gives it to me to get liquids in me. *scrape scrape*